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Ticket Prices & General Information

Ticket Prices

Delegate Pass:  £120/£100 (conc) – Deadline for Delegate passes is Friday, 24th June

Includes 5 workshops, all evening performances, films, networking events,
exhibitions, walking tour and 2 lunches.

Full Festival Passes on sale from 13 June (limited to 80)

Delegates Can Book Via the link:


Day Pass: £35/£30 (conc)

Includes 2 workshops and walking tour and 1 evening of performance, films,
networking, exhibitions and lunch.

Day Passes on sale from 21 June (limited to 40)

Day Pass Booking Links:

Thursday –

Friday –

Saturday –


Evening Performances: £12/£10 (conc)

Tickets for evening performances can be purchased through Tramway:
Box Office: 0845 330 3501
In person: Tramway, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow G41 2PE

All performances will be audio described and BSL interpreted. All workshops will be BSL interpreted.


Workshops: £12/£10 (conc)

Workshops on sale from 29 June (if remaining)

Indepen-dance welcomes the active support of all attending the Festival.

In line with dance workshop etiquette, please help keep everyone focused on the Dance Tutors by refraining from talking in workshops if not participating. Please do not take photos or videos of participants.


Support Pass: £50

This fee is for a Support Person who attend and take part in the Festival workshops.

For Support Staff who attend but do not enter the workshop studios, there is no fee.


How to Buy

Delegate passes and workshops can be purchased through Indepen-dance:
Telephone: 0141 552 3555

Book Via the link:



Venue Addresses

Tramway (T1, T2, T4, Upper Foyer), 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow G41 2PE
The Work Room, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow G41 2PE
Scottish Ballet Studio, 25 Albert Drive, Glasgow G41 2PE
St Ninian’s Church, 1 Albert Drive, Glasgow G41 2PE


Daily throughout the Festival

1pm – 7pm
T4 and Foyer

Julie Ann Minaai
ba(ME) (8 mins 48 secs)
ba(ME) sheds light on an intertwined journey of being both an immigrant in the UK and a minority artist in the dance industry. The short film explores situational experiences of being a ‘model immigrant / minority’, and adds to a dynamic conversation on immigration and diversity in the arts.


Slingshot Films
Dancing with Maria (2014)
Maria Fux spends her life training dancers, particularly those with disabilities. Now, at 90, she finds that her toughest student may be herself.


Thursday, 7th July

6pm (followed by a Q+A with Linda Fearon)
Croí Clan
Armour Off! (15 mins) – Winner of the Best Documentary (Catalyst Film Festival).
A solo performed by Linda Fearon and created in collaboration with performance artist and choreographer Caroline Bowditch and Composer Niall O’Carroll. A deeply personal and insightful exploration of Linda’s own experiences of navigating the world.


Friday, 8th July

1.15pm (followed by a Q+A with Lottie Barker of Clifftop Projects)
Clifftop Projects
Together We Dance (6 mins)
A short dance film set in West Dunbartonshire with 8 community participants and their families to create individual and group pieces of movement, spoken word and soundtrack.

Dirty Feet (10 mins)
A reflective look at Dirty Feet Dance Company who create opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people and carers to enjoy, express and fulfil their potential through dance.


Friday, 8th July

Barrowland Ballet
Strings (11 mins) + The Making of Strings (13 mins)
Strings brings together young people with complex needs and dance artists from Barrowland Ballet to discover the rich possibilities for connection through dance and to celebrate the creative playfulness they discover together.


Dylan Lombard
Upper Foyer
10am – 7pm
Young 1’z dancer Dylan Lombard loves taking photographs. His love of dancing and photography helped him to cope during lockdown. He enjoyed documenting the empty streets and deserted city centre. Taking photographs is like a switch that turns off the rest of the world. He is in that silent moment and everything else evaporates. When he takes a photograph, he can freeze time and give himself space to think and breathe.


Project Ability
Upper Foyer
10am – 7pm
The Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities (SCLD)  commissioned Project Ability artists, Jonathan McKinstry and Cameron Morgan, to create murals around the theme ‘We all have human rights’. Morgan and McKinstry created 6 murals inspired by the talks and activities lined up by SCLD for Scottish Learning Disability Week. The collaborators decided on six individual themes for their murals: The right to be heard: The right to an education: The right to respect: A Safe Place to Call Home: The right to vote: The right to party.

Select the day below to see the full programme of events.

Wednesday 6th July

Evening performance at Tramway, 7.30pm

Aya Kobayashi with Indepen-dance’s Adult Performance Company [Scotland]                                                                                                      Huddle

Choreographer Aya Kobayashi created a new dance piece entitled Huddle with Indepen-dance’s Adult Performance Company that explores ideas centred around the lives of penguins in some of the world’s harshest environments. The themes include patience, resilience, and care for each other – with a good dose of humour thrown in!

Katie Miller & Wils McAslan with Indepen-dance’s Young 1’z [Scotland] Pure Joy

Choreographed by Katie Miller & Wils McAslan, Pure Joy is a piece made in collaboration with Indepen-dance’s Young 1’z that celebrates dancing and performing together after almost two years apart. The dancers wanted to make something that encapsulated the Young 1’z as a group and that is, of course, PURE JOY!


Con Cuerpos [Scotland and Colombia]                                                  Disability and Dance in covid times [working title]

A work-in-progress created through online sessions and a one day in-person rehearsal. This dance piece relates to the dancers’ experiences of living through the global pandemic and their need to stay creative within dance using new digital mediums. The piece is in response to a research project undertaken with Dr Nancy Lombard, a Reader in Social Policy and Sociology at Glasgow Caledonian University. Her eldest son attends the Young 1’z and, after seeing how Indepen-dance supported her son Dylan during lockdown, she initiated research to examine the role of dancing in the lives of disabled people during lockdown in Scotland and Colombia.

Thursday 7th July


Dance Your Socks Off                                                                              Tramway (T4)                                                                                                  9.30am 10am & 10.15am 10.45am                                                                      Socks and shoes off, let’s wriggle, jiggle & giggle to the beat. There will be lots of interaction and fun for all.


Loop Theatre                                                                                                          St Ninian’s Church                                                                                            10am – 12 noon                                                                                              Discover your inner clown through a series of simple games designed to bring out your innate clown qualities of curiosity, fun and joy! A safe, inclusive space to play, explore and show off: mistakes get top marks and the silliest gets top prize!


Global Grooves Limón Principle workshop                                                  Led by George Adams & Helen Gould                                                          10am – 12 noon + 2pm – 4pm                                                                            The Studio                                                                                              Experience aspects of Limón dance technique, exploring breath, fall, release and expression. Global Grooves was a unique international collaboration with dancers both with and without disabilities from Scotland, England, Estonia. This session will give an insight into some of the practices worked on during the project.


Joel Brown and Eve Mutso                                                                            10am – 12 noon                                                                                                      The Work Room                                                                                                        Joel Brown and Eve Mutso will lead a creative workshop exploring ideas behind their piece 111 (one hundred and eleven) – the interaction between bodies and space and the oscillation of power.


Indepen-dance                                                                                                  10am – 12noon                                                                                              Scottish Ballet studio                                                                                            A dance and movement workshop exploring ideas of friendship and breaking down barriers delivered by Indepen-dance artists Julie Spence, Neil Price and Adam Sloan. All three dance artists leading this workshop have faced barriers whether physical or bureaucratic in accessing professional dance training. They will also share examples of their work and practice through images and footage of their dance career. The workshop is suitable for all abilities. Please wear comfortable clothing and let us know if you require access support to take part in the workshop.


Bea Carolina Remark                                                                                          An Ästhetik of (Im)Perfrection                                                                              2pm 4pm                                                                                                            The Work Room                                                                                          Movement has a different meaning for everyone. Based on the topic of dignity and our very own body experience with it, the workshop will explore our internal and external movements and give this space.


Birds of Paradise                                                                                        Creatively Embedded Access in Performance                                              2pm – 4pm                                                                                                                St Ninian’s Church                                                                                              Join Scotland’s foremost disabled-led professional touring theatre company, Birds of Paradise, for an exploration into embedding accessibility into creative work. This workshop will include myth-busting, creative tasks, and even a quiz!




Curtis and Co [Germany]                                                                        Exploring Borders                                                                                      Exploring Borders is a mixed-abled, site-specific dance production by choreographer Susanna Curtis. Three dancers and an acrobat explore their own borders. What physical, psychological, geographical, social and political borders have confronted them in their lives? Which ones could they overcome and where did they fail? Moving like animals defending their territory, or like humans exposing themselves to encounters and relationships, the performers react to the (un)limited space.

Exploring Borders has been made possible with support from the International Offices of the Cities of Glasgow and Nuremberg.


Barrowland Ballet’s Wolfpack [Scotland]                                                      Monument                                                                                                      Inspired by Kurt Jooss’s “The Green Table” depicting politicians arguing over power while the ice is melting – Monument explores the contradiction between political power and sincerity in people.



Birds of Paradise                                                                                                Glitch in the System                                                                                Traversing the multiverse, Glitch emerges between the binary oppositions humanity creates. A Glitch in the system, a break from ‘reality’, a space between good and evil. Created by Birds of Paradise Young Artist Andrew Robertson, with his unmistakable freestyle choreography and gamer aesthetic, this is part of BOP’s new disabled-centred digital arts platform ‘Locked World’. Glitch in the System explores the want and need to change the world in which you find yourself existing.


INSPIRE Adult Performance Group [Scotland]                                                  Protect Our Planet                                                                                      Protect Our Planet takes us on an emotional journey. Soft flowing and energetic dance moves are created to help express our need to work together and help heal our broken world.

Friday 8th July


Curtis and Co                                                                                                Exploring Borders                                                                                              10am – 12 noon & 2pm – 4pm                                                                                St Ninian’s Church                                                                                            Curtis and Co Artistic Director, Susanna Curtis, will start the workshop with some improvisation games and exercises, in a group and in pairs, to warm up our bodies, voices and minds. The workshop will then explore the theme of borders which has inspired the company’s performance Exploring Borders.


Linda Fearon (Croi Glan)                                                                                  10am – 12 noon                                                                                                      The Studio                                                                                                            This workshop allows participants a chance to experience their artistic practice and to add to the collective movement and research for a live version of Armour Off. Open to disabled and non-disabled professional and non-professional performers.


Aya Kobayashi                                                                                                    10am – 12 noon                                                                                                      The Work Room                                                                                                    Aya Kobayashi’s workshop offers some of the ideas explored in Indepen-dance Adult Performance Company’s piece Huddle which took inspiration from how penguins live together through a harsh climate. The workshop will explore effective yet simple choreography to embody care, support and humour with various imageries.


Bea Carolina Remark                                                                                            An Ästhetik of (Im)Perfrection                                                                             2pm – 4pm                                                                                                            The Workroom                                                                                                          Movement has a different meaning for everyone. Based on the topic of dignity and our very own body experience with it, the workshop will explore our internal and external movements.


Linda Fearon (Croi Glan)                                                                                  2pm – 4pm                                                                                                            The Studio                                                                                                            This workshop allows participants a chance to experience their artistic practice and to add to the collective movement and research for a live version of Armour Off. Open to disabled and non-disabled professional and non-professional performers.




Resident Island Dance Theatre [Taiwan]                                                        Ice Age                                                                                                                    An international, inclusive, choreographic collaboration between visually impaired choreographer Chung –an Chang – Artistic Director of Resident Island Dance Theatre – and disabled choreographer Maylis Arrabit. Ice Age explores the different ways that people support each other within their own cultural environments.


Paragon [Scotland]                                                                                          Freeze                                                                                                              Freeze is a new piece created by Paragon’s M3 dancers and choreographer Lisa Simpson. We are all unique and diverse. We are frozen in our own identities. We glint like silver planets in the moonlight, moving and turning as we orbit around each other. We are individuals in our own galactic space, connecting and releasing, moving inside our own timeframes. What can happen in this freeze? Where do we go from here? Are we forever suspended in our own spheres of experience? Only the dance of time can tell!


Clifftop ProjectsIntergenerational Dance Company [Scotland]                  The sight of the stars makes me dream                                                    Inspired by the works of some of their favourite artists, Clifftop Projects’ Intergenerational Dance Company have made the stage their canvas and painted it through choreography. This is their inaugural performance.


Con Cuerpos [Columbia]                                                                                    IRA                                                                                                                            IRA is a 2 parts work that addresses how the feeling of anger arises in the face of injustice and has the potential to generate individual and collective change. In the first part choreographer Diana Leon presents anger as a motor source, like an explosion that allows a rebirth. In the second part choreographer Laisvie Ochoa investigates the place of anger in the sentimental configuration of Colombian identity.


Clare and Lesley [Scotland]                                                                                It’s a must                                                                                                    Exploring what it’s like when dainty femininity is met with strength. Through their movement vocabulary, Clare and Lesley share their journey as they fight for their place in a society not built for them. Through the use of release-base movement and improvisation, they want to invite you on this journey with them. Finding power in friendship & hard work to overcome the challenges life throws at them.


Saturday 9th July


Wake up with Wils                                                                                          10am– 10.45am                                                                                                        T4                                                                                                                            Join us in person for our regular Saturday morning Wake Up With Wils class. Open to all, this family-friendly class is for ALL ages – the perfect way to start your weekend. You may also want to visit the exhibitions or enjoy the Hidden Gardens.


Improvisation led by Penny Chivas                                                                10am – 12noon                                                                                                      The Work Room                                                                                                Opening up possibilities to move, and to work with proximity, Penny will lead a warm-up into improvisational scores leading to an open jam space. With supportive somatic soundscapes from Nicolette Macleod, you’ll be invited to explore dance individually and together. An opportunity to move, dance, witness, listen and play with practices derived from contact improvisation.


Inclusive Creative Practice                                                                                Led by Antonio Quiles of Cía. ALTERACIONES Danza Teatro                    11am – 1pm                                                                                                                T4                                                                                                                            The focus of this workshop is to use improvisation exercises to enhance scenic presence and performance skills as tools for everyone working with artistic creation. Exercises that guide individuals to explore their movement potential and to develop a confident physical expression will be introduced. The workshop will also focus on staying present, deepening our kinaesthetic and compositional awareness and our personal poetic imaginary.


Resident Island Theatre                                                                                    11am – 1pm                                                                                                              The Studio                                                                                                      Journey to understand equality and freedom of art. The workshop will celebrate each other’s unique spirits and bodies through a series of games – and guide you to develop movements and diversity.


Walking Tour                                                                                                    2.30pm – 4pm                                                                                                    Meet at the Clyde Clock at Buchanan Bus Station                                          Join us for a walking tour of Glasgow taking in the city’s famous Victorian buildings. Landmarks will include Glasgow Cathedral, the Provand’s Lordship, the oldest house in Glasgow, and the Necropolis – literally the dead centre of Glasgow – where you can admire the elaborate tombs and splendid views across the city. From there the tour will head to the City Centre taking in the City Chambers – home to Glasgow City Council since 1996.



Eve Mutso with artists from Indepen-dance [Estonia + Scotland]                Entwined                                                                                                      Entwined is Eve Mutso’s new dance work for Indepen-dance. With striking visuals and a new score from composer J.P Waksman, Entwined explores the joy of discovery in connecting with nature’s ebbs and flows.



Eve Mutso and Joel Brown [Estonia + USA]                                                    111                                                                                                                              111 is a powerful duet between two exceptional dancers – Joel Brown and Eve Mutso – as they explore their different strengths and vulnerabilities. Joel is a paraplegic dancer – self-trained – who dances with Candoco. Eve is a former principal dancer with Scottish Ballet. 111 is the number of vertebrae that Joel and Eve have between them… hypothetically. Eve “moves like she has a hundred”. Joel’s spin is fused and he jokes he only has 11.

moving duet is something specialriveting, sexy and beautifully crafted‘ ★★★★ THE TIMES


During the interval in T2, join Red Note Ensemble as they move freely through Artlink’s Human Threads exhibition.

In a playful, inclusive sharing of the exhibition through live music improvisation, the musicians move freely through the installations – responding to and interacting with each other, the artworks and the audience. A celebration of the joyful, rich and diverse landscape of ‘Human Threads’.


Delegate Passes for Gathered Together on Sale Now!

Join us for Gathered Together 2022! Our Delegate passes are on sale now - head over to the link below to book or find our more. You can also check out our event brochure here.  

Our Professional Technique Class is Back!

Our Professional Technique class is back on a Wednesday morning with live music from Karen Mclver so make sure to join us at 9.15am at the Pollokshaws Burgh Hall. The class is pay what you can from £0-£5, we hope to see you there! Let us know you are coming along by...

New Class for Parents and Carers!

Dance with Wils in this new adults only class for parents and carers! It is your chance to let you hair down and dance like nobody is watching. Come along and join us for some fun and dancing with Wils! The class is located at the Pollokshaws Burgh Hall on a Thursday...

Gathered Together is back!

Gathered Together is back! Join us at the Tramway from 6th- 9th July for Scotland’s International Inclusive Dance Festival. There will be performances from groups from Columbia, Taiwan, Germany, alongside the chance to take part in workshops, presentations, film...

We’re Recruiting

We are recruiting here at Indepen-dance! We are recruiting for a part time Dance Tutor and we would be delighted to hear from you! Find out all the details here. Contact to apply.

Glasgow’s Kiltwalk 2022

With Glasgow's Kiltwalk coming up on the 24th of April, it would make for a great opportunity to raise awareness for the work we here at Indepen-dance do. However, this can only be done with help from you. So if you wish to participate please contact the office at;...

April 2022; A New Term

Our new term begins April 18th, straight after the Easter Break comes to a close, and runs until the 25th June. We hope to see plenty of attendees and everyone enjoying themselves just as much as they have this previous term. Our in-person classes take place at...

2022 Fundraiser: Thank You

A thank you message to all those who donated to the raffles and auctions at this year’s fundraiser.

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